Patience, my dear, will serve you well.

Stay vigilant and do not let her slip away. Trust me, she will try. She does not subscribe herself to the mediocre rules of mediocre things. She does not know mediocrity; she only knows refinement.  She believes that the best things do not simply come to you, nor are they earned; they are presented at the right time. Do not try to convince her otherwise. She is vengeful and will prove you wrong out of spite.

Watch out: she likes to play games and does not apologize for it. She does not understand gain without loss or victory without defeat. She will make you wait and she will tease you while doing it. She is not cruel, but she is strategic. She does not do this to protect her own dignity so much as she hopes to preserve yours. Her last question is always, “Have you really learned about yourself before giving yourself away?”

She is  always becoming and ever-changing. She is bored by your struggle to figure her out. Stop trying, she almost wants to beg you, I am not an entity but a constantly evolving ball of chaos that will never touch the ground long enough to be examined under the sole of your shoe. Let me be and find yourself instead.

She enjoys a well-written story and will never listen to a junk thesis with no merit. She walks with her head held high, buried in the fourth dimension where space meets time. She does not take shortcuts. She walks en pointe through the sleet and mud; she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty, but believes in doing so with good form. She is not a perfectionist. She is a scientist. She is an inventor. She is nothing short of extraordinary.

Patience, my dear, will serve you well.

Photo courtesy of Oleg Oprisco.


3 thoughts on “Patience

      1. May be? How delusional!

        She is either you or not. If not, she is a figment. I’m not trying to prove me right, or prove you wrong. I’m just trying to prove that I can speak your tongue.

        Every time she looks in the mirror, she asks herself “Do you know her? Is that you?” and ever time she looks at people, she doesn’t see people, she looks at mirrors trying to figure out what they reflect and pretending to ignore the reflections. That’s conflict, that’s delusion, and it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. Or does it? She doesn’t know it yet.

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