Seek out bridges. Make bridges your second home and frequent them often. Spend a lifetime finding your favorite bridge. And then find another one, and another one and another. Litter them with your troubles, your victories, your heartbreaks, your insignificant complaints about mediocre inconveniences. Scatter them with zealous joy and and grace them with your melodic dance steps.

Discover that bridges are the best places to go when it rains. Run across them with abandon. Forget to go home. Drop your keys and watch them sink into a dark, swirling abyss of inconsequential depth. Remember that you can’t go home now, even if you tried.

Feel your thoughts catch up to you, no matter how fast you run. Feel your body collapse from pure exhaustion. Feel your sneakers melt into your toes. Feel your mind rear its ugly head, smoldering with smug contempt every time you fail to reach the promised land. Feel your body resist your own body. Understand what that means.

Relentlessly pursue your relationship with these bridges anyways. Memorize their every igneous crack and outstanding pebble. Notice the colors they wear on each occasion. Let the daylight roar of passing cars deafen you. Let the nighttime beams sear into the back of your eyeballs. Learn to adjust and keep pace. Feel your breath come back to you over time. Begin to trust your legs. Strangely suspect that they are actually alive, and they now trust you too. Start to look up. See where you want to go for the first time. Visualize it within your grasp.  Realize the meaning of clarity.

One day, find yourself at your destination and wonder how you got there. Find a deserving stick and stake your claim. Name it Progress.

Develop an itch for this bridge. Make it the only routine that you actually fantasize about. Let yourself indulge in its rewards over and over again. Become infatuated (obsessive). Grow increasingly disillusioned by it, but find that you can never truly pull yourself away. Rediscover it. Forge an unbreakable bond. Repeat this cycle to infinity and beyond.

Finally, invite your friends to walk it with you. Share it with lovers, enemies and strangers.

Wherever you go, find this bridge following you. See it spanning impossible oceans and straddling untouchable wastelands. See it balancing upon shoulders of translucent giants and drinking from forgotten oases. Although you can’t be sure what’s on the other side, you always know what reaching it will require of you. And for now, that’s more than enough.


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