I have a sneaking suspicion that dehydration is one of the most horrible things to ever plague mankind. I’m talking about the kind of dehydration that grabs your throat and wrings it til it’s got nothing left. The kind that robs your whole body of moisture and even steals from the edifices of your eyeballs. I wouldn’t wish dehydration on my worst enemy, and there’s a good chance that all awful things in this world could be explained if you imagined it as a product of some terrible, unquenchable dehydration. Honestly, think about the last time someone did something completely and utterly despicable towards you. Imagine you figured out they woke up that day with a body-splitting Dehydration that persisted relentlessly and reached its inextinguishable climax as they laid eyes on your oblivious sacrificial being.

God bless your poor dehydrated Soul, you almost want to cry. May you be saved.


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