Hot Beverages

There are some things that you and I have a hard time resisting, and one of those things is the seductive allure of a custom-made hot beverage made just to our liking.

If you take the time to sit quietly in a well-lit but inconspicuous corner of a place that does nothing but sell hot beverages and observe the behaviors of those ritually devoted to their hot beverages, you’ll discover that most every one seems like a generally good person. They might be generally good people who don’t like mornings or generally good people who hate mornings, but you can always tell that they are generally good people by the way they look at their phones, counting down the minutes to having said hot beverage in hand and occasionally smiling at the floor to let people know they don’t want to bothered right now but they’re actually pretty nice people normally.

Imagine my surprise upon discovering, however, that these generally good people can actually turn into not just generally good, but totally awesome or awful people depending on how generally good or sometimes awful their hot beverage is.

I suppose what they say about the vicious cycle of abuse is totally true and 100% humbling. Hot beverages lead a curious life because for some reason it matters how they are made and who made them and they don’t really have much of a say otherwise. It makes you wonder if we’ll ever be able to put beverages though some kind of intensive crash course on How To Really Be a Great Beverage, maybe burning them a couple times on purpose so it really sears into their memory that it’s not okay to burn people either. In the meantime, I guess it’ll suffice to say a little prayer for all the unfortunate souls who got played a nasty hot beverage card but still drank it cause it cost them $4.75.  There there, it happens to the best of us, I telepathically beamed to the lady next to me who mistook her cup for her phone and threw it into her purse, You’re not alone.


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